spire1 «spyr», noun, verb, spired, spir|ing.
1. a) the top part of a tower or steeple that narrows to a point: »

The steeple, which has a spire to it, is placed in the middle of the church (Laurence Sterne).

b) a tall structure rising from a tower, roof, or other structure, and ending in a slender point; steeple: »

that sweet city with her dreaming spires (Matthew Arnold).

2. Figurative. anything tapering or pointed: »

the spire of an icicle, a spire of flame, the spire of a sword.

3. Figurative. the highest point of something; peak; summit: »

The sunset shone on the rocky spires of the mountains.

4. a) a young or tender shoot or sprout. b) a blade or shoot of grass, etc.; spear.
to shoot up; rise into a spire: »

Figurative. The crowded firs spire from thy shores (Samuel Taylor Coleridge).

to furnish with a spire or spires.
[Old English spīr spike, blade]
spire´like´, adjective.
spire2 «spyr», noun, verb, spired, spir|ing.
1. a coil; spiral.
2. a single twist of a coil or spiral.
3. the upper part of a spiral shell, excluding the body whorl.
to wind spirally; move with a coiling or spiral movement: »

Figurative. The smoke spired upwards.

[< Latin spīra < Greek speîra coil]

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